Welcome to Amazing Grace Children's Home Nakuru 

Welcome to Amazing Grace Children's Home Nakuru, the place of love, safety and nurturing for the street orphans of Kenya. Which began as one family's vision, ten years ago has blossomed into a sanctuary of acceptance, healing and hope. Dedicated people devoting their lives to caring for those who have been left behind - victims of circumstance and ignorance. Amazing Grace Children's Home Nakuru is not a place of loss or sadness, but rather a welcome ray of warmth, a spark to light the way - a testament that one person can have a tremendous impact on many lives. That the action of a few can alter the course for many, opening doors, fulfilling dreams. It is a place of laughter and learning - of joy and faith and hope for the future. A place where there are no boundaries on what can be achieved.

Our Mission: The Amazing Grace Children's Home is a Christian welfare home; we are aimed and committed in promoting the wellbeing of children, youth, families and protecting every child from harm.

Our Vision: We visualize a future in which families, neighborhood, communities, organization and government ensure that all children and youth are provided with the resources they need to grow into healthy contributing members of the society nurturing unique talents and gifts from the innocent children thus transforming, informing and encouraging them for their tomorrow.

Join us on our journey of love as we reach out to the world - opening our hearts and extending our hands together to create a net woven with the threads of a bright and happy future for all of the children who walk through our gates and into our lives.

Our History


Margaret Mwangi and her family which consists of her mother Annah Wanjiru Mwangi started their charity work by providing a food program for children in need in 2008. This was an event that God accomplished and a dream of many years. The food came from their own granary and until they had no food left even for themselves. As a result, they had opened a small shop to help them with the small food program they started. They had a conviction that those affected most were the children and aimed to start Amazing Grace Children's Home. Annah Wanjiru Mwangi made the house available to accommodate the children in need with shelter and a place to call home. The home currently shelters more than 25 children who are permanently stay in the home and 5 who only participate in the feeding program making the total 30 and above and has successfully exited and reunited more than 50 children to the community or back to the original families. The Amazing Grace Children Home family continues to freely share their experiences with others in hope and will to create support programs that will help many more thousands of disadvantaged children and most of all protecting all children from harm as we say children have no voices but we should know they have sounds that they relate to.

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We Are Thankful For Choosing To Support Amazing Grace Children's Home.
May God Bless You All

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We are situated at Mbaruk Nakuru County

Address:P.O Box 7265-20100, Nakuru
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