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Our Pending Projects

Solar Lighting System

Solar Lighting System

We currently require a solar lighting project. Since the cost of using electricity is high...

Individual Student Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship

One of our current projects is the individual sponsorship of our students. Each student...

Individual Student Sponsorship

Dormitory Renovation

We need help in the renovation of our dormitory. The dormitory is in need of renovation...


Playground Equipment

We need playing equipment in the home to help cheer the students in the leisure time...


Poultry Project

We need a poultry project where we will rear chicken. Since buying eggs is expensive...

Additional Greehouse

Additional Greenhouse

We need to continue expanding our greenhouse project so as to grow more food for our...

Institutional Van

Institutional Van

We need an institutional van to be used in the home. With the institutional van it would...


Computers and Printers

We need computers and printers to minimize the paper work in the office and also to store...


Children Library

We need a library for the children where our students will be studying. The children currently...


Closets/Drawers Project

We need closets/drawers in the dormitory where the students can keep their clothes in a tidy...


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We Are Thankful For Choosing To Support Amazing Grace Children's Home.
May God Bless You All

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